I am a female photographer based in Sunshine Coast QLD Australia (however I often travel to Brisbane,, Melbourne, Sydney and other states).

I have created this web site as a temple to human beauty, which I believe should be liberated from the social restrictions that suggest no woman, and indeed no person of either gender has a right to be more beautiful than any other. I hope for a world in which, freed from such concepts, we learn to love instead of hate, cooperate instead of fight, and live in balance and happiness instead of fear. I welcome all those who agree that beauty, happiness, and peace should be shared.

My father is a professional photographer and I grew up around cameras and darkrooms, first in Ukraine and then Israel, helping out at the Weddings and various shoots my dad was doing by shooting, with film at the time, and some times shooting video as well. When I moved to Australia at the age of 16, modelling and then photography were a natural career choice given my experience and understanding of how to pose the human body and use its figure and shape as a tool to create art.

Ultimately, I create images for people to enjoy, cherish and look back at many years later. I certainly look with pride and a bit of nostalgia at my own images from my modeling days.

We live in a world with many responsibilities and much work. When we finally have time of our own, it can be great to look at a thing of beauty, and after all, is there anything more beautiful than the human form?

About me:
I'm a full time photographer, and a mum to beautiful baby boy Jean-Andrew who is our assistant in training for the foreseeable future. Jean-Andrew came along Dec 08, in an amazing home water birth in Sydney. Since then all of us moved to Melbourne.

What inspires me in Photography is helping people with their self confidence and self esteem 'cause what else can make a girl feel better than being spoilt for a day, seeing how professional models feel, then forever have the photos to cherish. 

Remember that everyone has potential to look amazing, with a bit of make up, hair styling, directing in to great poses and a bit of Photoshop which I try to keep to a minimum, to have the photos looking natural not plastic and yet making that tiny change to make everyone looking their very best.

I love capturing the beautiful moments that otherwise could have been forgotten.

Although my father is a photographer, and I pretty much grew up in the dark room, and shot weddings from the age of 12, it was my partner

Kelly who really inspired me to get back in to photography after my years as a model. He is the one who made me everything I am now, as a person, photographer and air-brusher. He is also our lighting specialist and assistant on many of the shoots.

On a personal note:
I've been born an artist, have been drawing, painting and writing books since a very early age. Everything creative always attracted me.

I'm also in to spirituality, natural living and energy works.

My likes: Photography, all that's beautiful, dancing to trance music, chocolate, sunsets, waterfalls, new age, tarot, reiki, chess, gym, bikes, being awake at night and sleeping in in the morning, lazy weekends (although oh so rare)....

Dislikes: Cigarettes, smoking, jealous people, ones who judge others, closed minded people and the goodie2shoes....

I came from a mixed background, and speak a few languages, used to be a glamour model for 6 years, as well as studying natural therapies, counselling and reiki.

I incorporate all my skills in to my work now which I totally love.
Traveled all over the world, and lived in most Australian states.
I'm very open minded, never judge people, and always quiet although quite determined to achieve everything I ever wanted.

About my Photography:

We offer:
Full Portfolios for models, and aspiring models.
Glamour / sexy shoots for women - as a present for themselves or for their loved one.
Private erotice photoshoots for the general public.
Couples shoots - as wild as you dare or even wilder.
Corporate - At your location with studio lights. Shot for IBM etc
Maternity - capture what will be treasured forever!
Baby and family pics.
Your precious Pets and Animal photography.
Cars & bikes.
Clients we shot for include: Vee Love Couture, Effigy49, Penthouse magazine (2 covers as well as features), Tattoo magazines - cover of  Downunder Tattoo Art, Inked, HYSTERIA magazine, Picture, People magazines, Wet'n'Wild calendar, 50' brotherhood, Fast Fours mag, Suppa tuff, Erox, Venus Lingerie, IBM, 5 star strip clubs - Men's Gallery and The Centrerfold. And many others.

We have a french bedroom set up, with a white queen bed, french white sheet set, a mirror and dressing table. Other sets include a classy black velvet chair and ottoman, Gold and burgandy chaise lounge and the very retro red lips sofa.

Other locations can be anywhere all over Australia. We travel extensively for work.

I'm quite happy to work with the ideas and concepts of the models / clients, however if they have no idea, I help with posing, concepts and wardrobe.

We create fresh, edgy, clear and sharp images, with a possibility to print them as huge posters for your walls.
Using the highest resolution DSLR every made at 50MP camera, we can print them up to A0 size.
So enjoy my web site, and feel free to contact me at alexa@alexastar.com if you are interested in working with me, if you have any questions, or even if you just want to get in touch.

Love & Light